Thursday, January 31, 2013

My mom probably works more hours than humanly possible. With that being said, when she gets home from a long day at the office and still has work to do, she is more than ready for a glass of wine. Or three.

My parents drink casually or socially, never having too much or getting out of hand (such responsible parents). Growing up, I really only remember them drinking during holidays, celebratory events such as weddings, or while on vacation. Although my parents do not overindulge, they do relax and have wine often, and are always open to trying new ones.

As my siblings and I got older, I noticed them having a drink in the evening or with dinner. My dad switched over from beer to red wine a few years ago while he was on a low carb diet, but my mom has always been a wino. Once I was in college I began drinking wine with them more while I was home. Even though I drink it relatively often, I still would not say that I know very much about the different kinds of wine or how to select, pair, smell or taste wine.

One of the first wines I remember drinking wine in college was Barefoot Moscato (classy, I know) with girl friends. Although it may be known as a "cheap" wine, it is sweet which I like, and I have continued to drink different variations of that wine ever since. I have experimented with some reds while drinking with my dad or boyfriend, and several blushes and chardonnays at different holiday parties or family events. I am willing to try just about anything, and am definitely excited to learn and explore my pallet and taste various types of wine. Hopefully mom will be proud, and maybe by the end of Boyer's wine class I will be able to teach them something ;)

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